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Ampro Hornet Coach Spar Leather Glove - Counter Punch Mitt - Tech Spar - Boxing / MMA / Martial Arts

Made from the Ampro multi layered Hybrid high tech and lightweight shock absorbing foams with a padded palm, to help absorb impact and for better punch dispersion. Constructed from high quality leather ensures long lasting durability. Hook and Loop wrist close for a secure and comfortable fit.

This innovative elite coaching tool enables the trainer to catch the punch as well as counter attack, whilst improving sharpness for a more realistic pad session. Help's to develop pin-point precision and accuracy with all punches and combinations. Ideal for improving timing, speed in attack combinations as well as footwork, head movement for defence work. Adds coaching and workout variety too.

Perfect coaching tool for warming up a fighter before a boxing bout or specific ring IQ work such as gaining the centre of the ring, countering educated pressure or working on the ropes.

Product Features:

- Hybrid multi layered padding for better hand protection

- High quality leather construction ensures long lasting durability

- Hook and Loop Strap for secure fit

- Hand made tech pads

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