EMPIRE 5cm x 15mtr BBBofC GLOVE TAPE (6 rolls)

Color: WHITE
Style: ABA
Sale price$17.00


The only BBBofC approved Glove tape for external lace protection of gloves offering outstanding performance and durability. Our BBBofC / Empire Glove Tape is 100% waterproof due to its unique membrane which ensures external lace protection of gloves
Printed with the ‘BBBofC / Empire Pro Tape’ branding ensuring you are buying the best in the business!
Only available in 5cm width x 15 metre length
Designed to optimise protection and performance on fight night - The Glove Tape of Champions!
The new EMPIRE Glove Tape is designed to work in reverse to cotton tapes as any fluid on the top surface eliminates abrasion to zero whereas fluids absorbed in cotton creates more friction. We have taken careful consideration to all areas from application, duration and removal to ensure we deliver a tape designed and manufactured for its intended application and to perform in all areas.

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