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Inspiration Behind “Turtle” Mitts

For decades, focus mitts needed an upgrade. Unfortunately, boxing equipment did not evolve with science and technology. HIT N MOVE recognized this void and a team was assembled to redesign the focus mitt as an ultimate tool for every boxing coach.

With regular mitts on the market, coaches are not able to create accurate angles for body shots; they had to twist their arms to position the palmer section of the regular mitt under their arms, or expose the back of their hands to the body jabs. Our founder, who has dedicated his free times to boxing, recognized this anatomical dangers coaches put themselves every single day. He did his research with his Orthopedic doctor fellows and found that many coaches visited doctors due to elbow and wrist pains because of holding mitts. Our founder began drawing the ultimate mitt with these concerns on his mind.

While going on a run, he saw a turtle trying to cross the road. While holding the turtle to move it out of harms way, he was amazed how the turtle looked like the mitt he was trying to draw. He immediately trade marked “Turtle” and gave executive order to begin product testing. This process took about 14 months with many prototypes.

Finally Hit N Move achieved the perfection with Turtle. Coaches are now able to create body shot drills safely and easily while flowing fast with their fighters

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